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Attention HR Managers and Benefit Directors:
Global Underwriters has just added a page dedicated to our global benefit solutions and international commercial insurance. Please take a moment to learn about these valuable products.

     If you're thinking about leaving your home country, whether for business or for pleasure, you'd better think about purchasing travel medical insurance. Most insurance policies, both group and individual, provide little, if any, health coverage for expenses incurred outside of your home country.

     With over 45 years of experience in the insurance industry, Global Underwriters has established itself as a leader in the development, administration and marketing of international health and life insurance products. We offer exceptional and affordable International Health insurance coverage for groups and individuals. So whether you're traveling on business, vacationing, or are residing in a foreign country, Global Underwriters has a plan designed just for you. Our international products are insured by A.M. Best Rated "A Excellent" insurance companies.

New Domestic Short Term Health Insurance

If you are a United States resident looking for temporary health insurance and are not traveling outside the USA, click here to learn more about our short term medical plan.

Defense Contractor Alert:

If you or any of your clients are Department of Defense Contractors (Primary or Subcontractor), and are involved in overseas efforts, click here to learn more about Defense Base Act Insurance.

Policy Advisor
Diplomat America
Travel Medical Insurance for Non-U.S. citizens visiting the USA.

Diplomat International
Travel Medical Insurance for those travelling outside their home country, but not to the USA.

Diplomat LT
Long Term Travel Medical Insurance for people travelling for more than one year.

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